Handsome Vultures: Scraps EP

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Favorite songs: All of them.

Handsome Vultures was the perfect combination of all the trending genres that have appeared in Reno thus far. Their sound combined the ferocity of punk and metal music along with folk and rock. Under their artist page on bandcamp, they considered themselves death folk which sums up the strength of their sound pretty well.

There was a lot of talent going into the collaborative works of Handsome Vultures with a couple members coming from preceding bands in Reno. On this recording, the members consisted of Skye Evans of Last to Leave and Jeffrey Knight is the drummer of Six Mile Station. The other members are Chris Stehman and Fil Xeno of Xenophobes and Jason Ricketts who was in Buster Blue. Finally, there was Ally Reith was in Avian Orphans and Lauren Baker.

Each of their songs has its own uniqueness to it. “High Tide” starts fast and goes into a heavy half time break. It has pirate feel to it that makes you want to drink and flail around the concert house when you hear it. “Broken Record” sounds like a hangover song because too much partying commenced during “High Tide.” Its’ sloshy and groany but has some very peaceful banjo and violin accompaniments. Jeffrey Knight delivers a heavy crashing beat on “Ishua,” which ends with a pounding violin and mandolin outro. This is where the drinking starts again. The final song, “We Wait, We Drop,” is in reference to their band name as they describes themselves as vultures dropping to pick off the dead.

Handsome Vultures was a great band for people who enjoy the local band Actors Killed Lincoln or more popular bands like Tom Waits or Mountain Goats, which they have actually done covers of. Just be sure you aren’t a recovering alcoholic when you listen to them and you should be good.