In A Dream I saw A City Invincible: Attacks of the Whole of the Rest of the Earth

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Favorite Songs: Star of Mons, Injury at Epson Derby, For Sandi, Clowns Fucking, Hushka and Carison

What I admire about In A Dream I saw A City Invincible is their willingness to push the limits with all of the songs they deliver. They shed new light on Reno’s Local music scene with post rock influences from Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and Explosions in the Sky.

The band members are comprised of Josh Regalado and TJ Mertikas on guitars, Ray Mueller on Bass, and Quinton Bunk on drums. Ray also lives at Fort Ryland, which is a jam house that was culminated by the local indie and DIY scene.

The song, For Sandi is beckoning with the bliss and the radiance of June flowers that ascend like a vicious wind into their next song, Clowns Fucking. Don’t take the name of the song too seriously. It doesn’t sound too much like clowns fucking to me at least. It does have a bit of dreary tone that is also hauntingly soothing. Again, not clowns fucking.

Anyways.. their next song,  Hushka and Carison, is the kind of song that you would have to sway your hips to because of its casual edginess that makes you want to grind. Soon the overdrive guitar comes in to turn the notch of tensity up to 11.

Another instinctive flair to the album is all of their interlude songs, numbered I through IV and each of this interludes helps to settle the listener down after the climactic end of the previous track.


Rigorous Proof: Perspective

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Favorite Tracks: All Time is Now, Perspective, Battles, Songs of Triumph, Going Home

So far Rigorous Proof have won the award for most social media sites and probably the most staying power of the bands I’ve reviewed so far during my time as a music reviewer. I don’t have trophies for them or anything, but it’s an honorable mention that doesnt come along very often. But that’s just like my opinion man. Anyways, now on to even more of what I think.

The album opens with the sound of raindrops and a guitar intro to the song, “All Time is Now,” setting the mood for the rest of the album. The second song, “Perspective” is very funky in it’s approach but the lyrics come across as a folk song telling the stories of people who are struggling in life, whether it be drug addiction or people who cannot get over their grievances with each other. The song is very reminiscent of the peace movement of the 1960’s with lyircs like, “we can’t get what we want or what we need
Until the power of love overcomes the power of greed and we learn how to see.” The song goes through a swirling metamorphosis into a 3/4 time signature between a solo and outro break that sound lush and deep.

There style ranges from alt rock, to psyhcedelic, to even more classic rock vibes like in the song “Going Home” which is reminscent of bands like The Who and Foghat. The song “Chameleon” has some awesome sounding synths in it’s chorus. “Battles” has a smooth drum beat over its somber tone, to wrap the album up nicely. The members are Johnny Bailey, Wesley Forster, Jesse Gaddis, and Adam Landis, but I do not know what they play, but I’ll be damned if they don’t know how to play their instruments well.

So far I have reviewed, 7 local bands in Reno, but there are probably hundreds of thousands of bands in the world that have gone unnoticed. Do you know any good bands outside of Reno worth reviewing that no one knows about? Let me know in the comments section or on facebook and I will write up a review of an album of theirs.

The Bonfire Set: On The Road

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Favorite Tracks: Red Rose, Few Years, City Lights, Nuclear Love

The Bonfire band is eloquent alternative band from Reno. This debut album of theirs combines the soulful indie sparks you’d get from bands like ‘The Lumineers’ with heavy guitar riffs reminiscent of classic rock bands like ‘The Cars’ and and psychedelic bands like ‘The Guess Who.’ A good example of that would be on the song, “Nuclear Love” where they sing about that perfect moment between two lovebirds forever frozen in time where everything about their lives is explosive and perfect. The song ends with a kickass guitar solo. This album of theirs is loaded with plenty of those, which I absolutely love. Another great example of a song of theirs with a guitar solo packing heat would be “City Lights” which is packed with a grandiose amount of that early psychedelia flair with just a hint of pop. That’s not to say that their guitar riffs are all that is to be enjoyed by this band.

They have three lead singers, two male and one female that harmonize beautifully together. There are also two interchangeable lead guitarists, one acoustic guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist, and a drummer. Altogether there are seven members and although I’m not sure who plays what, I can tell you that their names, which are are Jamil Apostol, Kirsten Crom, Casey Frasca, Luke Fuller, Denise Julian, Ryan Widmer, Patrick Zbella. Give them a listen and see what you think!

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