Plastic Caves: Plastic Caves

Social Media: bandcamp, facebook, soundcloud

Favorite Tracks: Dispossessed, Suicide Floor, Violent Dreams, Lost Souls, Thirteen Years, No Life No Mind

Plastic Caves is a dark and fast paced band that has a lot of great wailing guitar noises and shouting vocals. It’s all very audible however as the band channels other Post Hardcore music such as Unwound and Black Eyes with a hint of post punk music like Joy Division. They personally describe their sound as punk garage, spookiness, punk pirate, and stoner rock. The band is fronted by John Ludwick on Guitar and Vocals, Shandra Rivera on Bass, and Darren Barnes on drums.

The songs have allusions to religion like in the first song, Thirteen Years talks about spending thirteen years in the rapture, which is the point of religion where God destroys the earth and carries his children to Heaven while the sinners and nay-sayers are banished. Following the damning trend of Thirteen Years is Dispossessed, with lyrics like, “burning the fires of the dispossessed, you’re thoughtless, mindless.” Other songs are more eerie with the feeling of being trapped underwater or in a thick layer of fog, like in the song, Suicide Floor.

This album has the feel of being trapped in a limbo like Silent Hill where the walls have eyes and the fires are relentless. The guitar has some powerful flange effects near the end of the song, Lost Souls, with some sick feels by the drummer. The steady bass, guitar shrills, and drum rolls all play a key part to making this album into beautiful nightmare music.



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