Violent Ruler: Swelling the Morgue

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Favorite Songs: War Demon, Hatred, What Is, Swelling the Morgue Holy shit! This album! That’s the end of the review folks see you next time.

In the meantime Violent Ruler will be holding me hostage.

Just kidding, but seriously, this death metal album sounds like it came straight out of satan’s demonic ass. The album starts with a passage from the lord of darkness himself saying that we will never see the light of day again. And from the point on, we slowly make that decent into hell. This first song, “War Demon” if filled with just about every thrash metal trope in the book from speedy dynamic guitar wails, a half time break with a morbidly beautiful solo, intense screams and grueling noises, heavy bass rocking, and all wrapped about neatly in bondage rope from the mixture of pounds and rolls from the drummer.

Where the first song, “War Demon” manages to be epic, “Spot Check” grows steadily chaotic over a 2 minute time span. The third song, “Hatred” is more steady in it’s nihilistic execution, consisting of a fast section, a slower break, and back to a speedy finish with another speed metal solo to top it off. The album has two other shorter bursts of fury songs before concluding with their heaviest song named after their album, “Swelling the Morgue.”

There isn’t much known about these guys anymore, unfortunately. They disbanded three years ago and all I really know about them is that their names are Jarad, Lane, Morgan, Horsechief, and Alex. Who knows what they’re up to now. Maybe they died and are playing their music for Satan, in which case I say good for them.

Are you from Reno? Tell me a favorite local band of yours I should review next in the comments section below.


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