Up is the Down is the: Mantra

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Favorite Tracks: Time Will Tell, Oh Me Oh My, Again and Again

“Up is the Down is the” is such an incomplete phrase to use as a band phrase, especially considering the resolving sound of their songs, but maybe it was intentional. I just desperately want to fill in the blanks with “sky” and “ground” to satisfy my OCD for complete sentences. By I digress, I think it’s kind of a catchy band name, and their music, even more so.

Andrew Martin is the artist at hand for his one man project. He describes his music as alternative indie, neo-soul, and experimental. He takes a minimal approach, however, to his album, “Mantra,” as solo artists usually do, accompanied by his loop station to have full control of his sounds. Many of the tracks coincide together like the instrumental “Pastiche,” followed by “Let it Go” which definitely reminiscent in experimental and progressive rock albums.

Nick Ramirez flipping off the camera while Andrew Martin smiles

His music also has jazz elements as present in “Ghost,” “Oh Me Oh My,” and “Unraveling.” There is even a bit of folk influence in these songs with the subtle guitar slides and walk down resolves. His sound is very peaceful with a sense of longing, and at some moments slightly eeriy as in his song, “Oh Me Oh My.”

Each song comes with a steady rhythm brought on by rim tapping on the drums. Martin also uses a loop station in order to maintain and play all the guitar parts himself. He would loop a basic progression and then play over it with his own airy and folk fills. He’s well paced musical aesthetic is great for setting the mood of coffee shop or quiet atmosphere. I look forward to Martin’s future releases.


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