The Biggest Little Music Nerd’s Reviewing Platform

Hey everyone!

So here’s the deal, although I am here to review local music, it is not in the snobby cynical context that you’d think which would makes us all want to throw critics off a 20 story building.

But mainly this guy.

I am not interested in talking informal smack about the local musicians of Reno. I am here to support y’all, so I’m going to do everything in my power to avoid snarking criticisms. So, in order to be positive and informative,  and  I will be starting up this review blog in order to show my support for local musicians who have released albums. I will not be giving ratings on any scale whatsoever. How the hell can those things be scientific anyways?

I will also do anything in my power to avoid negative comments. I understand the fact that not all music tastes are the same and I am certainly no exception to the rule, but I will do everything in my power to understand what it is about certain music, namely death metal, edm/techno, and country (which are my least favorite genres) that so many people find appealing. Honestly though, if I do not like a certain album, I will be far less likely to review it. Instead, I will be listing some of the songs I liked and giving a list of details that make the album or artist unique. I will also include photos of the bands and the albums in addition to other media such as accompanying videos and tracks to listen to.

I will also review any local band (and just about any band, actually) that is recommended to me. Just send me an email at and include the artist name and album in the subject or message and I will get right on it! I also plan on reviewing local music shows as well, so stay tuned for what’s in store.


Brendan Aguiar: Reno’s Biggest Little Music Nerd


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Hi, I'm Brendan. You may not know me but I'm a journalist. I scrummage through hurricanes and tornados to bring you the news.

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